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Crystal Stapleton, CPA

About Us

Norma Madruga, Project Analyst

Crystal enjoys traveling with her husband, Sean, and their two children, Cadence and Colin.  They visit Southern California often and always make time to visit the happiest place on earth!  Crystal's family is very adventurous and likes to explore new places, so random road trips are a frequent event.

Through professional and life experiences, this successful business woman shares valuable insights with her clients every day.  Crystal has held various accounting and finance positions in her career and has successfully saved companies over one million dollars by redesigning and implementing new business processes.  She has also built and managed multi-million dollar budgets, while carefully monitoring financial trends and identifying key risks and opportunities.  Crystal's goal is to help your business succeed!

Norma joined the Balanced Books team in July 2017. She graduated from California State University, Stanislaus with a degree in Liberal Studies.  Norma has over a decade of experience working in customer service and aims to please. Her goal is to provide the best quality of work at all times.  She specializes in prioritizing, thrives in challenging situations, and strives to deliver only the best.

Norma loves spending time with friends and family. She enjoys cooking, traveling, photography, and hiking.  She has hiked many trails in Yosemite and Hawaii, but she ultimately holds Yosemite closest to her heart.  Her goal is to take one new “never-been-to-Yosemite” person to hike Nevada Falls each year!  She has also hiked the tallest waterfall in North America! (hint: in Yosemite too).  In recent years, she decided to diversify her hobby portfolio by joining a fantasy football league for the first time…and ended up winning the league championship two years in a row!

Norma is a great addition to the Balanced Books team, as she strives for the best and will never settle for less.  She firmly believes in continuous self-improvement, as well as the improvement of processes around us.  Additionally, she has a knack for numbers, patterns and loves to analyze the details!

Carrie Mulgado, Office Manager

Nicole joined the Balanced Books team in August 2019. She graduated from Modesto Junior College with a degree in Sociology in December 2019.  She plans to continue her education with the goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in the near future.  Nicole has over 4 years of experience in retail and customer service.  Stemming from her love of Sociology, she enjoys interacting with people and goes above and beyond to ensure that their bookkeeping needs are met. 

 Nicole is a passionate hockey fan.  Her favorite team is the San Jose Sharks!  She may be quiet by nature, but she sits as close as possible to the action so she can heckle the players and participate in the shenanigans.  She attends as many games as possible each year.  When hockey season comes to an end, she turns her attention to traveling.  She recently traveled to Maui and would love to return to Hawaii to explore the other islands.  She appreciates spending quality time with family and friends, as well as arts and crafts. 

 We are so excited for Nicole to join the Balanced Books team!  She is passionate about bookkeeping and takes pride in her work.  Her desire to learn and grow is admirable.  Her attention to detail and enthusiasm is a great asset to our team.

Amanda Greener, Bookkeeper


Balanced Books, LLP

Know Your Bookkeeper

Balanced Books was born on January 6, 2014, founded by Crystal Stapleton.   Crystal recognized a need for affordable, quality bookkeeping in our community.   The response from local small businesses was overwhelmingly positive and Balanced Books quickly flourished.

Amanda Joined the Balanced Books team in January 2018. She graduated from Modesto Junior College with a degree in History in 2017.  Amanda desires to continue her education at Stanislaus State University, majoring in History with an emphasis on World History.  Her ultimate goal is to earn her teaching credential.  Amanda has over five years of experience as an Administrative Assistant and loves to help others succeed. 

Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, including her daughter, Emily, who is the light of her life. She loves to relax with a good book and is currently working on writing her first novel, which she plans to publish when complete. Amanda also enjoys spending time in the mountains and camping with her family (with tents, hiking, and storytelling around the campfire!).  Their family tradition is to go on an extended camping trip each year.

We are so excited for Amanda to join the Balanced Books team!  She is extremely organized and takes pride in her work.  Her attention to detail is on point!  She takes the initiative and follows through on all assigned tasks.  We appreciate her willingness to take on any project (no project is too big!), as well as her desire to learn and grow.

Crystal has over 20 years of experience in the accounting profession, in both public and private practice.  She earned her Certified Public Accounting license in 2006 and subsequently obtained an MBA degree from California State University, Stanislaus in 2012.  Crystal is also a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and is QuickBooks certified! 

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Delia joined the Balanced Books team in November 2018. She has over 20 years of experience in customer service and management in a retail environment. She is very passionate about helping others and being accommodating to their needs. Delia is persistent and determined to get the job done right and doesn’t give up easily!  

Delia enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves day trips to the coast with her husband Troy, son Devin, and their adorable Yorkie-Poo Abbie. She especially loves touring Missions along the coast. When she is not walking on the beach, you can find her in the kitchen where her passion for cooking and baking shines through.

Delia strives to provide the best outcome in all situations, big or small. She looks forward to the challenge of polishing and perfecting any task she has. Her practicality, reliability, and efficiency are great assets to the team. We truly appreciate her knack for customer service, and we are so excited for her to join Balanced Books! 

Balanced Books, LLP is a member of the Turlock Chamber of Commerce and CalCPA

Karen Chance, Senior Bookkeeper

Delia Black, Executive Assistant

Karen's attention to detail, dedication to excellence, efficiency, and organization makes her a vital part of the Balanced Books team.


Nicole Canada, Bookkeeper


At the beginning of 2015, Balanced Books partnered with Wahl, Willemse & Wilson, CPA's, LLP to form Balanced Books, LLP.  This partnership allows our clients more access to financial expertise, including tax preparation.

Karen has always had a love for organization, efficient systems, and numbers.  She graduated from California State University, Stanislaus in 2011 with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.  Karen has over five years of experience in the agricultural accounting world.  She joined Balanced Books in October 2015 where she immediately connected and found her groove working with clients and the Balanced Books team.

Carrie joined the Balanced Books team in 2015. She has over 11 years of experience in the finance industry, including six years in banking, where she held positions of increasing responsibility to become a Lead Teller Operations Specialist. One of her many accomplishments while in banking was successfully overseeing the annual audit. Carrie has a proven track record for identifying process improvements and implementing solutions.

Carrie also completed her degree in Culinary Arts in 2012, where she specialized as a baking and pastry chef. One of her favorite sweet treats to make is bite-size desserts, such as Raspberry Almond “Petit Fours.” In addition to creating delicious desserts and being inspired by Pinterest, Carrie enjoys spending time with her husband, Eddie, their son Lucas, and her family. Together, they often travel to the beach and love “camping” with her parents in their RV.

 Carrie’s favorite quote is something her mother always says: “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.” Carrie has a great sense of humor and strives to provide superior customer service. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm is a great asset to our team.

Karen enjoys time with family, especially her nieces and one nephew. From April to October, you can catch Karen cheering on  the San Francisco Giants, traveling to AT&T Park as often as possible to enjoy her favorite team and favorite sport.  On the Giants' off-season, Karen makes the trek to Disneyland with her friends whenever she can spare a weekend.  With her extensive Disneyland experiences, she can definitely create a successful game plan to make the most of your next Disney trip!

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